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Life Connections offers cutting edge, proven, and positive parenting & relationship skills through workshops, individual consulting 

and ongoing  support groups.

Donna Corbo

Life Connections


Life Connections is involved in helping
children realize their highest potential
through empowering a new

generation of emotionally intelligent,
compassionate & responsive families.


Bringing Baby Home & Beyond
is a dynamic workshop series that helps expecting partners and parents discover how to navigate the surprises, joys and challenges of parenting and partnering. It is  more than just another parenting class; it is a fun and interesting combination of discussion, role playing, videos, and other techniques that help parents learn how to positively and profoundly impact their child's well-being as well as strengthening their own  relationship. Developed by a team of parenting experts lead by world-renowned psychologist Dr. John Gottman, it is evidence based; backed by scientific research and proven success to help you prepare for life with your baby, enhance your relationship & create a foundation for you & your children to thrive.

Highly acclaimed!

Featured in the StarTribune in an article titled Baby Steps; you can check it out at:


Recognized by:

ABC News’ Murphy: “this program is amazing!” Plus NBC, PBS, Newsweek...just to name a few!

Research has shown these workshops help expecting

and new families:

· Prepare emotionally, 

   psychologically & physically for

   the transition into parenthood

· Comfort, understand what baby

  is saying & calm baby & parents!

· Bond & form healthy


· Raise an emotionally intelligent


· Reduce baby blues and

  postpartum depression

   (over 50% in clinical trials!)

· Learn how sensitive &

  responsive parenting promotes

  healthier more confidant children

· Understand the latest research

  on newborn sleep

· Find local support & resources


Click on the Schedule & Registration page for locations, information about individual
consulting and group programs.


Donna Corbo  651-208-0550

Parents said:

“We learned a great deal that we just didn’t get anywhere else; the things covered in your class were more important!”

"Out of all of the class we took- this one was the most valuable"

a dynamic

Parents that took this workshop experienced:

· Babies that smiled and laughed more

· Children with improved language  

   ability & test scores  

· More confident children in peer 


· Better  co-parenting skills 

Find out all about the Workshop Sections on the Workshop Description Page

Section 1:
Newborn Know-How &
New Parent Survival

Section 2:
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent
Child, Healthy Attachment &
the Importance of Father's Parenting Style.

Section 3:
How to Build a Harmonious and Long-Lasting Relationship and A Secure Parenting Cradle

Click on the Schedule & Registration page
for locations, information about individual
consulting and group programs.

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